September 4, 2008

First time tagged! thanks Danielle!

1. Three joys
The Gospel
My Husband
My Family

2. Three fears
Being burried alive- always been my worst fear
recently, ear wigs since we have them in our home... do they REALLY crawl into your ears???
To have my husband come home early and catch me still in my pjs or in bed!

3. Current goals
don't kill my kids
don't kill my kids
don't kill my kids

4. Current obsessions
I'm a freak list maker. i don' t know how to stop. I have all kinds of lists. you name it, i've got it. i even have an excell sheet with all of them because i'm a freak organizer too.

5.Random facts about me
Well, i had menengitis when i was 8 and should have died. Only survivor of the 5 in boise at the time.

I broke my tailbone and permanently injured my hip riding a cow in our family rodeo.

I have 11 brothers and sisters. 19 in laws, 53 nieces and nephews and 2 great nieces.

I tag my sisters, Cath, Melanie B!

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Caralee and Jon said...

Hey Tiffany!! We went camping and wanted to invite you guys but didn't have your new number, give me a call! 208-351-4051.