July 13, 2009

Flake Family Reunion 2009 lots of pictures sorry!

We had a wonderful 4th of july! our Flake reunion was a blast! It was so fun seeing everyone again!

At the pool

me and Darl

My grandparents!!

me and Anthony, people used to think we were twins!

lots of cousins!

cute kids at the water park, right before i got sunscreen in Emily's eye and she cried for an hour!One of my favorite cousins Daniel's favorite cousin
The group. i think we had 250 of 350 there! that's just decendants of my grandparents!! Katie was really brave in the cold water

Wesley was SO brave with the water, he would jump off the side and go under! (with his mouth and eyes open but at least he has his nose plugged)

Wesley and Emily with their painted stuff

scary clown! at the carnival wesley got a football painted on his hand i got a butterfly! our hotel Waltman party in the hot tub! Me and Melanie (okay all Melanie) taught a class on bow making, really cool!

i stole this picture, this was part of the Family history carnival, my cousin talked about my cowboy grandpa and quoted cowboy poems that he wrote. What a great heritage i come from if i do say so myself!


Gus and Carolee Drake said...

Good pictures Tiff... I didn't take any. If you have any of me or my little family could you email them to me? Love ya! I didn't realize that good bye was really good bye! I love you and good luck with the move and the job, we will miss you guys!

Cheney's said...

Looks like so much fun. I'm going to miss my volleyball partner!!!! I hope the move goes great though, and who knows maybe we'll end up in TX by you guys. :)