February 3, 2010

Washington DC in a Blizzard!

So my sister and brother in law came for her birthday! it was REALLY fun! We headed to DC blizzard or no blizzard (as luck would have it, BLIZZARD) We rode the metro most of the way there so we avoided slippery roads!You have to look REALLY close to see the Washington Monument! Its there i promise! We made out way, through the huge blizzard just to see the White house, then we could barely make it out because of the snow! i had to do some editing on this picture to even make it show up!! it was worth it though! 

Below is us on the metro

Thank goodness for that hot chocolate stand!!!
So SOMEBODY forgot their hat, who forgets a hat in a blizzard? i'm not going to name names, but it starts with a D and ends in a ANIEL. So i, being the saint that i am, gave him mine and wrapped Julie's scarf around my head. it wasn't too bad, if only it would stay on!! later, MUCH later, we realized that i had a hood on my coat the whole time! oops!!!

2 questions: What is this? and why wasn't it in Jurassic Park?? SCARY!!!
They say Orangutans are one of the closest relatives, I, for one don't see the resemblance! 

The Air and Space museum was our favorite! Of course, we didn't see a TON because of the snow. At first we were fearless, but once we went inside once, it was torture going back out!
We had SUCH a fun time! can you tell??? Daniel and I at the Air and Space
Amelia I love you!
Julie and Mike took us on a ride in the museum, it was really fun squishing 4 people in a 
3 person seat, and having it be 110 degrees in the tiny "air plane" and getting motion sickness!
 well worth it! :) 
Daniel LOVES airplanes! More of the blizzardI'm pretty sure Mike is flipping us off. 
Union Station was really cool!!The Metro was PACKED!! Why are you all out here in a blizzard? are you all CRAZY!?!? 
SOOOO COLD!! Would we do it again?? ABSOLUTELY!!! 


Erin Lafleur said...

We the snow finally passes and spring comes we should get together and take the kids up to the DC Zoo.Its a shame you have been out here for months now and we still haven't gotten together.

The Beals said...

you guys are great! I am so jealous you got to go to D.C.! It reminds me when we went and I was 7 months pregnant. Anyhow, Tiffany I love you and miss you like heck.