January 26, 2011

My baby shower!

So I am now 8 months along! YAY! My Branch threw me a baby shower (even though this is my second boy) I was so flattered! These women were SO sweet and generous- and they don't even know me! I felt so loved! As I opened the gifts I would read the name of who it was and they would have to raise their hand to show me who they were- THAT'S how much we don't know each other! It was so sweet though and for only 12 people there, i got quite the LOOT!! I love this Branch family that we've been adopted into!!

 Treats galore!!! 
Some of the ladiesThe lady on the left leads the music in relief society

 This is Alisha, she actually had her baby today i think (the day after my shower! i'm so jealous!)

 More of the ladies, the one in the middle sitting down is Wesley and Katie's teacher, they LOVE her!
 Loving all the gifts!

 This is my very first friend i ever had in Maryland, Jill, she is in the other ward but drove 45 minutes and surprised me- to be at my shower, she also took all the pictures! we would have been a lot worse off if it weren't for her and her family babysitting and having us over so much while we lived in the hotel for so long!! We love the Whitakers! 
 This is sister Little- She is the RS pres and reminds me of my mom, she put it all on for me! 
 Look at the gifts!! (you can get a sneek peek of the painting job I did while 8 months preg. more pics to come!! - also my new table!)
The loot!!


Megan Johnson said...

Dang! You got a lot of stuff!! How fun! You look so cute in all of your pictures. Good luck with the baby.

Gus and Carolee Drake said...

Wow it looks like you hit the jackpot with all that loot! I'm so glad that you have good people around you... you look great by the way! Miss you!