March 28, 2012

So my sister Sara is getting married!!! They came to visit and kind of 'meet the family' she is lucky to not only be getting a great guy from this, but getting 2 great, good looking kids!! It was SO great meeting them! We had a lot of fun at Aunt Bobbie's on the only rainy day of the month of March! 
The boys hit it off right away!

Gifts didn't hurt the bonding process! :)

We love Aunt Sara! We hadn't seen her since Elizabeth's wedding Oct of 09!

Sara got Katie a CAMERA!!! Watch out world! Like mother like daughter!!

Freddie got the kids all sling shots! Mallie was the best shot- wink wink! :)

What a cheese ball!

Daniel and Freddie doing what they do best- makin fun of Mallie!

Great fun... SOME of us got REALLY into it. but you can't tell who by this picture. at all.

Wes got a remote control and he LOVES it!

Rick and Daniel having a shoot off.

Uncle Clyde's favorite past-time with the kids... :)

Teaching Wesley the world of technology! 

Aunt Bobbie doing her thing!




Sara and Aunt Bobbie

Aunt Rachel- not afraid of getting a little dirty. Its for the children!!

Guys chatting it up!

Taking turns holding the beast!

Aunt Rachel playin with the kids!



Cookin! :)

AWW the almost newly weds!! <3

LOVE these sisters of mine!!! 

Aunt Sara meeting Tommy!

Colds and coughs from this rainy day come and go, but friendship made will last forever! 

Tellin ghost stories!

and eating hamburgers!!!
The whole group!!
GREAT DAY! Thanks everyone!!

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Melanie said...

Have I ever mentioned that Katie looks JUST like you! So cute.