October 11, 2010

It's about time for an update!

So I guess its about time to update, Daniel got a promotion at work and is now the Branch Manager to an HVAC company in Maryland. He is enjoying it, but also very stressed out about doing a good job. We moved here in August and have been living in a hotel since then, searching for a house and finally, in 3 days will be moving in!! we are REALLY excited to get out of this hotel and into our very first home on 1 acre. It has been a rough life, living here, with 2 kids that only want to run around, and a mother that is pregnant and has had morning sickness. My morning sickness is finally gone now but i've had other problems like the flu twice, a cold that has lasted a month, hives, issues with spotting and baby stuff. Wesley and Katie have each gotten the flu too, not too fun but i think we're all on the recovery! We did just find out that we'll be having a baby BOY in February!! so so excited for that! There are so many new things in our life right now! I haven't been able to add any pictures since we're just using our lap top but as soon as we move in and get our computer up and running i'll post some pic. I do have a picture of our new house though, we love it and feel so blessed to have found it after so much house hunting!


Gus and Carolee Drake said...

Thanks for posting Tiffany, I can't wait for you to post pics of inside your new house! Thanks for talking today... I love you and can't wait to see you soon!

White Family said...

That is so awesome Tiffany!! That house looks amazing and I understand about your need for more room for kids to run, although not nearly as sharply as you probably! That place will be awesome! I'm SOO so glad you're feeling better, that you're getting a house, having a BOY!!, got a promotion, more room to run, no more sicknesses!...most everything sounds like its getting better! I hope things with the pregnancy get better for you too! So excited to see picturs of inside your new house! Have fun with it and enjoy it for me since I won't have that privelidge for many MANY years...:( WE won't even have money!! anyway! Congrats for you guys! :)