April 4, 2011

DRAMA at the Doctor

Wesley Dunn

So we took Wes to get his physical and shots and the physical went really well, i was proud of Wesley being so good when the doctor was doing strange (to him) things! When we got his hearing done we were pretty concerned (the nurse and i) She told him to raise his hand when he heard a beep. There were 4 beeps but he could only hear 1! She tried each ear 4 times to make sure, he just said that there was no beep! So she listened to it herself and she could hear the beeps! I was REALLY worried then! So she said to Wesley that some weren't beeps but some sounded like boop and bop, and he said, "Oh i heard those!" HA! so we did it one more time and he raised his hand for every one of them!! The nurse and I both sighed with relief! That kid played an April fools joke on us and didn't even know it!

Also, Wesley has to see an eye doctor because he couldn't see the letters out of one eye, but could read them with the other. My poor little red head, freckle face boy might need to have GLASSES!!! oh what will that do to him! ha! 

As for the shots OH.... MY....GOODNESS!!! I prepared him and everything, he was SO good about it all, he was going to be brave, he wasn't going to cry, he was SO determined! Well, when she did the first shot (of 4) he  SCREAMED!!! it was horrible and then he was completely hysterical and UNREACHABLE!! i couldn't calm him down so we just did them fast and each time he would just get worse and worse! We had to hold him down, and he just screamed and yelled NO NO NO!!! i have NEVER heard him be like that! he was crazy!!! he tensed up pretty badly too so he's extremely sore today! but the nurse left and it took me 5 whole minutes to make him even strop SCREAMING! I couldn't even get him to LOOK at me! Finally what calmed him down was me saying that there were kids in the waiting room about to get shots and he was scaring them! So finally he calmed down enough to leave the room, in the waiting room here's what we saw: laughing dads, sympathizing moms, and HORRIFIED children!! It was seriously such a horrible experience! i'm just SO glad i didn't have Katie there witnessing it because she has a lot of shots she has to get soon!!! 


Gus and Carolee Drake said...

Wow that story sent me through several emotions... but was mostly funny! After Carlie got her shots she limped around for TWO days, and wouldn't let me take the bandaids off for another day after that! Drama, Drama, Drama! I love and miss you guys! Call me sometime.

Aubrey said...

Seriously! I thought shots with babies were bad, when Addi got her pre-kindergarten shots I was wishing I was there with a baby. Kids!