September 17, 2011

All about Tommy

 I feel like posting about our little Tommy, he is growing SO much! He's now 6 1/2 months, and weighs 18 lbs. He is full on crawling now and goes EVERYWHERE! I have to put up gates because he is determined to chew through our cords in the office! (even though he doesn't have teeth yet) He is such a fun little boy, he has brought so much happiness to our family! The kids LOVE him and he loves them! He is always so happy. You can make him smile any time you want- even if he's crying at the moment! 

The grass is actually what made him go from scooting to crawling! he didn't like the feel of it or something! 
He loves his walker, especially when his big bro takes him for rides around the hardwood floors!
Crawling and having a fun time
Tommy is SUCH a great sleeper! He goes to bed (after a little cuddle time) around 9 and wakes up around 8 in the morning! its awesome! Actually, Katie wakes up WAY more than he does!
And he's a hard sleeper! He has to be since i open his door at night and he's in Wesley's closet and Wesley talks in his sleep nightly!! 
He loves his big brother and sister! he gets SO excited when he sees them! Especially in the morning when they come in and play with him!

what a sweetie!
Church is kinda getting hard because Tommy just wants to crawl.
this is in his 2 week scooting stage, then it was crawling 
He's such a cuddle baby! This was during the hurricane, we all slept in our room, Tommy was so good and slept better than anyone else that night!
bath time!
Doesn't really like baths- he gets really scared, its cute!

He stands up to everything now but doesn't know how to get down so he either falls or gets lucky!
He loves playing in the stools, but gets stuck and cries!
This was funny, he fell backwards on Daniel's shoe and then just chilled there for like 20 minutes, i guess it was comfy!

Lately, about 30 min before he goes to bed for the night, Tommy cuddles with me. He just lays by me and doesn't move! it's way cute! i love my cuddle Tommy Time!!! :) 
Katie ran into me and said "Tommy's body is under the bed!" it was cute! he's so curious now that he can crawl!

Now that he can stand in his bed we have had re-do bed time. We have to lay him on his back to sleep because he would just get right up and cry when i'd leave the room, but when he's on his back he's a bit more lazy or content or something!
He loves standing in his crib!
look at those tear filled eyes!! I love you Tommy! 

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Melanie said...

I agree--Tommy is super cute! I love all the pictures! Carson is already 9 months and still hasn't figured out crawling. I'm okay with that!