April 14, 2011

Brainless after Birth

Am I the only one who goes a wee bit coo coo after having a baby?? I can't seem to Organize my thoughts, I start doing something then leave the room and 2 days later I remember. I can't even get things down on a list, that's how scatter-brained I am! 

Here are some things I've done lately: 

-Put clothes in the washing machine. 4 days later i wash them again because i never put them in the dryer.

-Went to the store and didn't get ANYTHING i needed.

-Put Tommy down for a nap, 30 minutes later realize i never turned on the baby monitor and who knows how long he's been crying (yikes!) 

-Forget about making dinner EVERY NIGHT! 

-Forget to make Daniel's lunch every day!

-Forget to feed my kids. we don't eat lunch most days.

-Make toast for myself, find them at dinnertime still in the toaster.

-Start telling a story and then ...

-I have 20 glasses filled with water in my house because I fill one up then forget where i put it.

-Start making cookies, get distracted, 2 hours later cookie dough still sitting there halfway done.

-Turn on the water to take a shower, 30 minutes later the shower is still running and I haven't gotten in.

-The most recent one though, and it's a 2 in 1. I wanted to melt my cheese on my sandwich so i decided to put it in the oven for a second... you can guess what happened, i forgot about it, but the worst part was I put it on a plastic plate!?!! 

Here's the plastic plate (or one like it)

And here's what's left of the plate.
Did i eat that sandwich anyway? you bet!

Don't judge me!


Michelle Hayes said...

Hahaha! This post was absolutely wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

Heather said...

Lol I do it ALL THE TIME! My baby will be 5 months tomorrow and I am just starting to remember things. I actually just rewashed a load that I forgot about for a couple days... so I'm not quite 100%... but slowly but surely! We're getting there! Good luck!

Jennifer Miller said...

my fav...I start to tell a story and then.

Gus and Carolee Drake said...

I love you and your stories! Thanks for talking today... Remember? I really miss you. I bet your house smelled really good after that!