December 3, 2011


So.... Remember this...

Well, i feel that it is time to come clean, and repent of my sins. Here is the real story behind this video:

So after the "man in the closet" scare that i did to Daniel, (if you haven't seen my scare fest video from this year you don't know what i am talking about so watch it first @ ) Freddie, Daniel's brother, was talking trash, saying that i could never prank him. Of course i wanted to prove him wrong. So Daniel and I decided to scare Freddie and decided on scaring him with a mouse prank because he is VERY terrified of mice and so we set it all up.

Daniel would take Freddie to the store, and while they were gone I would set it all up in the garage. So they left, and while they were gone I made a mouse looking thing with steel wool (it looked pretty good too) and i attached string to it so that when you pull on the string it looks like its scurrying away to the corner of the garage. It was perfect! I put it under a tarp. NOTE: We actually HAVE mice in there so it was a bit uncomfortable digging around in there and setting up the string over and under and behind things in there but it was going to be WORTH IT to see Freddie scream like a little GIRL! 

So i got it all set up, then i worked with the camera, set it up where he couldn't see it, got the setting just right, and all, then it was time. They got home and I gave "the nod" to Daniel to let him know it was all ready. So we went out to the garage pretending to look for a tool. Then Daniel nodded toward me and i nodded back and then told Freddie to look under the tarp, which was where the "mouse" was, and as he did i pulled the string and the "mouse" went scurrying and Freddie jumped and then, to my shock, started SHOOTING at it with a little tiny gun he had in his hand and I went to the ground because he was SHOOTING IN OUR GARAGE and it was SO loud and it SCARED THE HECK OUT OF ME and then he fell to the floor because he SHOT HIS FOOT!! I was freaking out! 

Well. that was about the time that i looked at Daniel and realized that this was all a prank on ME!!! WHAT JERKS!!! I can't believe them!!! They had been planning this all along! Freddie knew about the mouse and that I was going to pull the string and that there would be a camera set up! The worst part was:


I got dirty and close to a REAL mouse to set it all up 
I made the steel wool mouse 
I put it on the string 
I set up the string to go all around the garage so it wouldn't look suspicious 
I set up the camera, 
I pulled the string!! 
I did it all and 
THEY got me!!! 

SUCH JERKS!!! The bullets were blanks and he didn't really shoot his foot although i wish he had.

So I confess, I Tiffany Irene Dunn was prank'd by my evil husband and horrible brother in law!

Phew I feel so much weight lifted off my shoulder! (not really)

So here's the real UNEDITED video...


Grandma Carla said...

Tiffany, they say confession is good for the soul. It is also good for our funny bones! What a funny thing to catch on camera! Loved it! (Sorry my post comes up as Grandma Carla - I'm listed that way when I post on my kids blogs which are usually the only blogs I post on - although I enjoy reading yours and others.)

Ally and Moema said...

Thanks for the laugh, just like guys are awesome.

Melanie said...

You guys are crazy!! That is so funny.

Heather and James said...

that was AWESOME!!!! i'm still laughing right now while i'm typing this!!!! don't you hate it when your really the one who gets punked. i know the feeling ;-)